UAV Intelligent Recovery System


The inability of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to perform emergency landings in unknown areas is a significant issue for UAV operators as it can often result in the loss of the vehicle. BAE Systems Australia has developed a ground-breaking solution.



Our Intelligent Landing System enables UAVs to land themselves.

The cutting-edge technology allows UAVs to autonomously locate a suitable landing strip and land safely without relying on GPS, remote piloting, special equipment on the ground, surveying of the landing site, and other external systems.

When a landing strip is visible, the system uses visual or image-based clues and develops specific algorithms to land safely. The system is so clever that it can also calculate algorithms for moving platforms such as naval ships.

Its features means plans for normal UAV missions can be quickly developed and implemented to incorporate multiple alternate landing strips. These plans can be changed at any time during the mission.

The landing solution also brings a UAV in on a normal circuit approach, which means it can share airstrips with other air traffic.



The Intelligent Landing System has set a new benchmark in autonomy for UAVs and offers customers significant operational and safety benefits.

This technology means UAVs can safely land in emergency situations without assistance – an innovation that not only protects the UAV and offers increased reliability, but has the potential to save lives.

The Intelligent Landing System also offers important benefits for normal UAV missions. It enables more efficient mission planning, reduces supporting infrastructure, decreases operator workload and means UAVs can share airstrips.

It can even be used for manned civil and military aircraft. The Intelligent Landing System is currently installed on BAE Systems Australia’s Kingfisher 2 UAV system and significant elements are embedded in the global Company’s next generation of UAVs.

The technology was awarded the inaugural National Defence Industry Innovation Award at the 2013 Australian International Airshow.

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