Type 26 Global Combat Ship for Australia




We are a leading shipbuilder in the naval and marine sectors.

The range of vessels built includes:

  • Naval frigates and offshore patrol vessels for the navies of Australia and New Zealand
  • Patrol boats, search and rescue vessels, research vessels and tugs for other government agencies, port authorities, police forces, commercial operators and export customers
  • Conversion of a commercial tanker into an Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) vessel for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN)

The last two of the RAN’s FFG Class frigates and the ten ANZAC Class frigates, under the ANZAC Ship program were built at Williamstown.

We were also the prime contractor for the RAN’s Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) program that delivered two 27,000 tonne amphibious ships (based on the Spanish Navantia BPE Class).

We were contracted to build hull blocks for each of the three Air Warfare Destroyers (total of 15 blocks) at the Williamstown shipyard.

These blocks comprised the lower hull machinery spaces, VLS compartment and complex shape bow and stern.


Through life support

We provide comprehensive Through Life Support services for naval and marine ships and systems.

These services include:

  • Integrated Materiel Support for two Landing Helicopter Dock ships, ANZAC Class frigates (under the new Warships Alliance Management Agreement (WAMA)) and for the FFG Class frigates
  • In-Service Support of the hydrographic survey vessels and survey motor launches
  • Tactical data system in-service support for the Huon Class Minehunters, including the provision of systems, hardware and software engineering and maintenance
  • Repairs, refits and maintenance for naval and commercial vessels ranging from scheduled maintenance to major availabilities and upgrades
  • Platform upgrades for the Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) program under the ANZAC Alliance
  • Deeper Level Maintenance for naval weapon and communication systems, communication system design and installation and set-to-work services


Systems engineering, design and integration

From concept development through systems engineering to detailed design, we offer total maritime capability providing:

  • Platform design
  • Sensor, weapon, combat and communication systems
  • Whole-of-ship integration supported by skills in naval architecture, marine mechanical, electrical and structural engineering, combat system and communications integration

Under the WAMA, we are responsible for the platform systems integration and design modifications for the ANZAC ASMD program.

All engineering is conducted under a framework that is ISO 9001 accredited, and is consistent with Navy Technical Regulatory requirements.


Weapons systems

As the ADF’s guided weapons capability provider, we develop, integrate and support guided weapons on aircraft, ships and land-based launch platforms.


Periscope system building and maintenance

We've supported the Collins class submarines' periscope systems for more than two decades when the fleet was first launched.  A new digital system for the Collins class submarines is currently being developed and installed with support from our Adelaide team.





The world’s most effective soft-kill anti-ship missile defence system. BAE Systems Australia is the lead designer, developer and integrator of the system which is installed on Australian, US and Canadian warships.


Ship Air Defence Model (SADM)

The most versatile model for maritime air defence analysis, SADM provides advanced modelling and simulation for above water warfare analysis and training. It is used by navies, defence research establishments and defence contractors around the world.


Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM)

We are the Australian principal in the Evolved SeaSparrow Missile program. BAE Systems Australia developed the algorithms for the ESSM enhanced home-all-the-way guidance mode, which provides a local area defence capability for the missile. All missile performance analysis supporting the integration of the ESSM into the ANZAC class, the first non-US implementation, was also undertaken by us.

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