Integrated Solutions

Our products and capabilities

Jindalee Operational Radar Network array
Our history of integrating systems and operating facilities for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) dates back more than half a century.



Electronic Warfare and surveillance

Our electronic warfare and surveillance systems help the ADF with threat recognition, targeting and planning operations. Solutions span high frequency radar, electronic support, electronic attack and electronic warfare integration and threat simulation systems (radio frequency and electro-optical).

We’ve supported Over-the-Horizon-Radar development, sustainment and operations since the 1970s and we’re a leading developer and exporter of High Frequency sensor systems (Digital Receiving, Digital Waveform Generation and Timing/Reference Frequency Distribution).


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Air and Tactical command, control, and communications (C3)

Our integrated ICT services, military messaging and information management services span land, air, maritime, ISR and coalition environments.

We’re the specialists for ICT systems, integration, enterprise engineering and support for mine warfare, air surveillance and communications and land communications capabilities. We’re also the Chief Information Officers Group’s (CIOG) preferred applications managed services partner in the Warfighter and Intelligence domain (AMSPA).


Intelligence and Geospatial Programs

For over 15 years, we’ve been developing secure solutions to protect systems-handling information up to the highest classifications. Our information security products are unrivalled in preventing data leakage and preserving confidentiality.

Our geospatial intelligence software supports data management, analysis, product creation and intelligence reporting. Geospatial services for the ADF include deploying the National Spatial Information Management System and supporting the Australian Hydrographic Office.

Satellite Communications (SATCOM) – Satellite terminals, ground stations and SATCOM sustainment

With more than 30 years experience designing and developing antennas, our solutions enable deployed force communications and access to the constellation of WGS communications satellites. We’ve delivered the world’s first in-service simultaneous X and Ka-band terminals as part of the Navy’s battlespace communication upgrade and we provide the ADF with ground station services including facility infrastructure, satellite earth terminal and equipment acquisition, and in-service support.

From our Base Repair Facility in Sydney, we deliver maintenance, supply and engineering services for the Navy’s ASTIS MCE and Army’s CTRS programs.




Interactive Link Suite

Recognised as a leading developer of solutions enabling our customers to protect their information. Our Cross Domain Solution (CDS) enables communication between two or more networks that are of different security level.

We offer a suite of products to facilitate the secure unidirectional transfer of data between networks, providing connectivity without compromise.

  • Data Diode - Secure Data Transfer
  • File Transfer Capability
  • Email Transfer Capability
  • Data Forwarding "Live Sensor Data" Capability
  • Datagate Orchestrator - content filtering platform to mitigate data import and export risks through a Cross Domain Solution
  • High Availability Capability - Redundancy
  • Datagate Certified Datapump - Security hardened Operating System and has been tuned for optimal performance


High Frequency technology

  • High Frequency Digital Receiver
  • High Frequency Transponder - Ionospheric Sounder Engine
  • Advanced Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Advanced direct digital receiver
  • Multi-channel receiver systems
  • Site Background Noise Measurement Systems
  • High Frequency Transmitter performance assessment program


Other Products

  • Information Assurance Risk Assessment Engine
  • Interactive Content Gateway
  • Geospatial exploitation tool – SOCET GXP®