Safety, Health and Environment

BAE Systems Australia is committed to achieving the highest level of safety in our workplace and for our employees.
BAE Systems mechanic changing wheel, Victoria

Our safety, health & environment commitment

Ensuring an employee’s safety isn’t expensive. It is actually priceless. And that’s about the best definition that you could come up with to describe our commitment to achieving the right safety culture across our company.

We are determined to ensure that all of our sites achieve Safety Maturity Matrix Level 5.


We believe:

  • Safety is the way we do business - we value our people and we care.
  • Every incident is preventable – and we intend to prevent them by identifying and eliminating hazards and risks.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility – it is everyone’s right to challenge, and
  • Our leaders have a strong personal commitment to safety.


We are working towards a state where:

  • Incidents are unusual and everyone seeks to find out what happened to ensure it never does so again
  • Improved safety performance is led by our businesses, not just the safety team.
  • When you walk around a site you feel it is safe just by observing the way work is organised, and where needed, everyone is wearing properly maintained Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • You can talk to anyone and they can tell you what hazards exist in their work, how they are controlled and what their role is in this regard
  •  Everyone genuinely believes the company is committed to a high standard of safety and feels empowered to challenge

Improving our performance and culture around safety is not a “nice to have” it is fundamental to our future.