Diversity & Inclusion

Attracting and retaining the best skills and capabilities is critical to our business success.
Jindalee Radar project, staff technician, Northern Territory

Our drive for diversity

Great companies succeed on the strength of their employees. People want to work for companies where their work has impact and meaning, and where their efforts are recognised. Employees who enjoy their jobs are more productive and engaged. We need to become that kind of Company.

Like most other defence companies, BAE Systems is currently facing a shortage of skilled employees in several key areas, including some engineering and trades roles. Attracting candidates from a broader, more diverse talent pool, encouraging more young people into defence industry careers, retaining the best people, and offering more flexible and part-time work arrangements are ways that we are tackling this problem.

We aim to create a strategic advantage by:

  • Sustaining a workforce more representative of the broader Australian population
  • Combating future skills shortages
  • Minimising risk associated with legal liability
  • Improving performance in people and capability
  • Providing a fairer work environment, and
  • Becoming an employer of choice

Key areas of focus


Flexibility and well-being

Flexible work practices and the promotion of well-being allows us to achieve a greater diversity in the way that current and future employees work.  This will enable a broader range of prospective employees to consider a career with BAE Systems Australia. In doing so we will continue to create greater opportunities for employees in all stages of their life and career to help achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Advancing Gender Balance

Women make up more than 45% of the Australian working population, however in 2010 women accounted for only 15% of BAE Systems Australia’s workforce. Whilst this ratio is reflective of the historic nature of the industry we are aiming to improve gender diversity and offer our female employees greater networking and development opportunities. Advancing gender balance will help improve workplace diversity, draw upon a larger resource pool, retain the best people, and support innovation.

Opportunities in Education

To help tackle the future skills shortage, we are focussing on enhancing education opportunities and encouraging students to pursue a career in the industry. Current initiatives include partnerships with the Foundation for the Inspiration of Science and Technology (FIRST), Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group (NAMIG), and the University of South Australia.