Commercial Solutions

Commercial ship repair

Commercial ship repair

We offer unmatched services to the commercial maritime sector including maintenance, repairs, refits/upgrades and conversions.


Electronic Solutions

Electronic Solutions

With high assurance information security products and expertise to support their implementation, we provide unparalleled multi-level security and cross domain solutions for governments and businesses.

Joint Strike Fighter manufacturing, South Australia


We have Australia’s biggest titanium aerospace manufacturing operation, provide avionics grade electronics assembly and test, and comprehensive optical component manufacturing.

Dawn pipespools

Resource Solutions

Resourceful thinkers, reliable solutions.  We bring telecommunications, maintenance, upgrades and support to our customers both on shore and offshore.

Space solutions

Space Solutions

Satellite communications and astronomy technology solutions.  We’re a world leader in satellite communication antenna design and a trusted ground station specialist.



We service a range of integrated telecommunication customer needs – from electronic security protecting high voltage electricity transmission networks to networked video distribution at Australian Parliament House in Canberra.

Royal Brunei Air Force - Tamworth aviation training

Training solutions

For more than 20 years, BAE Systems has supported and delivered rotary wing, fixed wing and advanced military flight trainings services.