We service a range of integrated telecommunication customer needs – from electronic security protecting high voltage electricity transmission networks to networked video distribution at Australian Parliament House in Canberra.



Telecommunications, ICT and electronic security

We design, build and install integrated telecommunications solutions to manage infrastructure and facility security risks and provide assured information connectivity.
Our experienced team offers system dependable and safe turnkey project delivery for:
  • Telecommunications systems including satellite, VHF, HF and microwave radio systems, VoIP
  • Combining physical security measures with electronic security
  • Unified Graphical User Interface operator consoles across multiple telecommunication subsystems
  • Control Room and back up Control Room design and implementation
  • Access control systems, including biometrics
  • Large scale digital CCTV camera networks
  • Networked Digital Video Recorder systems and video analytics
  • High throughput ICT network design, implementation and performance optimisation
  • Vehicle Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Multiple detection and surveillance sensor technologies
  • Integration to Building Management Systems
  • Specialist interface design and implementation
  • User requirements analysis and accommodation
  • System Verification and Validation


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