Advanced Manufacturing

Our success in manufacturing must come from doing things smarter.
Human machine collaboration.
We must continue to grow our experience and ability to deliver advanced manufacturing. New developments in advanced manufacturing will enable us to reduce production times and costs. Enabling our customers to respond faster to changes in the operational environment.
Over the last 100 years Automation, where machines have augmented the human, has accelerated and has brought significant advances both to our everyday life and prosperity. Machines enable us to undertake tasks more quickly, at less expense and with less risk to the individual. Furthermore machines now allow us to achieve feats that in the past were unimaginable.
Within living memory we have moved quickly from a generation where automation and advanced machinery was unknown to one where it is now common place. Human Machine collaboration is taken for granted, it underpins our society and industry.
This capability utilises the collaboration between very sophisticated machines and humans. It’s core to what BAE Systems does and we call it Human+. That is we recognise that humans undertake some tasks better than machines but that humans perform better with machines.
We want Australia to be known as having leading-edge technical knowledge and expertise, and a reputation of creating products, systems, platforms and technologies that deliver economic growth domestically, and careers for our people.

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