Woomera at close range

Unmanned aircraft trials, the landing of a space capsule containing asteroid samples, missile and rocket testing are just some activities we have supported in the South Australian desert over the last 60 years

Woomera at close range

BAE Systems began operating in Australia in 1954 at Woomera, 500kms north-west of our Australian headquarters in Adelaide. The remote desert location is known for its Test Range – the largest land-based weapons testing facility in the western world – and we’ve been there from the start.
Woomera at close range

Our experienced team has manufactured equipment, tested more than 250 missiles and systems, and provided local support to the Range operators (Department of Defence) for over 60 years.

The first UK guided weapons to be tested were the Bloodhound and the Thunderbird air defence missiles. They were followed by trials during the 60s of the Rapier surface-to-air missile, which was deployed in the Falkland Islands, and led to the signing of a long-term contract with the Australian Government.

Australia's most experienced Range team, closest to the Range.

BAE Systems Australia

, Woomera Test Range


Woomera Commercial Support Contract

As a versatile Defence contractor, our local support has included the provision of essential services for the Department of Defence and 200 people who live in Woomera Village. Through a 10-year commercial support contract, 40 jobs were created for facilities management, maintenance, airfield and operational services. From emergency, security and transport services to solving communication and IT problems… we’ve been trusted to get the job done, no matter what the challenge.

At BAE Systems, we remain committed to developing and supporting next generation systems and growing our future in South Australia. We’re here for the long haul.