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SEA 5000

Transformational. Trusted. Formidable
A next-generation capability to secure Australian jobs for generations.
Creating sovereign capability



We will transform the shipbuilding industry in Australia through the creation and sustainment of thousands of jobs and a skilled workforce that will be operating autonomously at full capacity.
The technology, knowledge and processes that we will transfer to Australia will be a catalyst for further economic growth. We will maximise opportunities for Australian suppliers by committing a significant proportion of the value of the SEA 5000 project to Australian industry.
Transformational. Trusted. Formidable.
We will also transform the export prospects for these suppliers by leveraging our global supply chain worth billions of dollars.
Our approach to digital design will transform the way the Royal Australian Navy’s multi-mission ASW capability is managed through its life cycle, delivering efficiencies and seaworthiness through real time management of the ship’s baseline.


We are the third largest defence company in the world and the biggest defence supplier to Australia and the UK. We are experienced in designing, building and sustaining complex war ships; including Aircraft Carriers, Type 45 Destroyers and Off-shore Patrol Vessels.
Transformational. Trusted. Formidable.
In Australia BAE Systems employs over 3,500 Australians and contributes over $1.3bn to the local economy every year. We have a long and proud history in Australia – over 65 years – delivering large complex programs to the Australian customer. In the maritime domain this includes LHD and Anzac build and sustainment.
We have an existing supply chain in Australia of over 1,600 companies and a proven track record on AIC, delivering or exceeding commitments in over 99.3% of our projects in Australia.
We have also mobilised workforces in challenging areas before, growing from 30 to 600 staff for Anzac ASMD, and from 150 to 600 for AWD and LHD build.
We already have Australians working on our shipbuilding program in the UK, demonstrating our commitment to transfer knowledge and share intellectual property.


Our design for the SEA 5000 Future Frigate is formidable. It is called the Global  Combat Ship – Australia, or GCS-A for short.
Type 26 Global Combat Ship - Australia
This is an evolution of the UK’s Type 26 Frigate which is currently in production in the UK. This is the world’s first and only bow-to-stern digitally designed Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) warship. It offers technologically superior ASW capability with the flexibility to undertake the full range of maritime operations.
In the words of the UK Royal Navy, it is a ship that is the “quietest and most potent of submarine-hunters. As a modern digital design, the GCS-A has a live supply chain which means no obsolescence and exemplary growth margins for design and build.