The first F-35 aircraft to arrive at RAAF Base Williamtown.
The F-35s have arrived
Williamtown arrival
The F-35’s have landed and BAE Systems Australia is proud to be a tier one F-35 program partner.
BAE Systems has been at the heart of the design and development of the F-35 from the beginning; and we will use this expertise to support its entry in to service with the Royal Australian Air Force.
We expect our F-35 sustainment activities will see about 400 jobs created over the next 10 years and a requirement for this level of employment for the 30 plus years duration of the contract.
Sustainment activities will also create opportunities for our Australian partners and supply chain.


F-35 arriving in Australia

F-35 integrated workforce

F-35 snowball of activity

F-35 global learning

Securing this work will further strengthen Australia’s defence industry increasing national capability and supporting the continued growth of a highly skilled workforce.
The global F-35 program is the largest and most advanced military aircraft program in the world. More than 3,000 F-35 aircraft will be produced by 2030 for a number of countries, including Australia. The programme offers never-before-seen opportunities for Australian industry to sustain a capability set that will remain in service until the middle of the century.
BAE Systems is proud of its long heritage playing a major role in protecting and supporting the RAAF. We are committed to continuing to empower it into the future with the best equipment and support and ensuring it can use these new aircraft when it needs to.