Defence, security and economic prosperity
Australia's capability
Since 1953, we have worked purposefully to create a unique domestic capability that is today an integral part of a stronger, more sovereign Australian industry, and one that is better able to deliver the unique solutions the nation needs.
We are Australia's most versatile defence and security company. We offer the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and our security customers total capability in vital areas such as through-life support, security, logistics and systems integration.
Our customers' needs have changed. Defence is striving for enhanced capability at lower cost. Today's operating environment is also more complex and less predictable than ever. The ADF is required to deploy at short notice virtually anywhere in the world, fully equipped and with a strong, sustainable supply chain.

BAE Systems Australia is meeting these challenges. Working closely with the ADF and our other customers, we are delivering innovative and cost-effective through-life solutions.
As we continue to work with our partners to enhance our collective capacity to protect the nation, we will look for new opportunities to support the country to continue its transition to a high technology economy. This philosophy underpins our commitment to Australia, where our contribution goes well beyond the products and services we provide.



Strengthening Australia's capability brochure

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