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13 - 15 November 2018

31 Constitution Ave, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia

At BAE Systems, our advanced defence technology protects people and national security, and keeps critical information and infrastructure secure. Using new ideas and know-how we have a track record of delivering cost effective solutions to the Australian Defence Force across air, land, sea and cyber domains. We work closely with local suppliers to support economic development through the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology.
By continually improving even the smallest detail of our products, we protect the lives of service men and women around the world.
Visit us at MilCIS stand 45C, and see what we've got on display:
  • Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP)
    GXP develops industry-leading geospatial-intelligence software and solutions for data management, image exploitation, geospatial production, full-motion video analysis, and intelligence reporting
  • Geospatial Virtual Reality
    Our Geospatial Virtual Reality demonstrates the ability to view a 3D product generated by GXP in virtual reality. The product enhances mission context and planning capabilities, as well as maintaining geospatially accurate data
  • Lead EXploitation Intelligence (LEXI)
    LEXI is a modern, easy to use application that allows analysts to share and fuse information across multiple echelons of command, from the tactical edge to the command centre
  • Broadsword Spine
    A small thin e-textile based insert providing invisible power and data connectivity for body worn equipment
  • Cross Domain Solutions
    Turn-key cross domain solutions, from CDS hardware and software products to systems and security engineering services

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National Convention Centre

Canberra, Australia
31 Constitution Ave
Canberra, ACT
(02) 6276 5200
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Cross Domain Solutions Australia
Cross Domain Solution products that enable secure information sharing across networks.

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