Beacon: Primary school STEM program

BAE Systems Australia has partnered with Lumination to bring you Beacon - a STEM program for Year 4-6 students aligned to curriculum learning outcomes.
Students will use immersive technologies – virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D modelling – and will be challenged to develop solutions to real world problems related to sustainability.
Beacon is being offered as a five-day intensive camp or a 10-week program. It is initially for schools in South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia but expressions of interest across other states are welcome. 
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Beacon Program visits Enfield Primary School

Outreach activities

About 75 per cent of people at BAE Systems work in a STEM-related career. These people understand firsthand what’s needed to be successful in our industry. We have created a ‘STEM Influencer Program’ to inspire young people to consider a career in STEM. 
If you are a teacher or educator, one of our STEM Influencers could speak to your class or attend your career fair. They can also provide in-class support for activities around engineering or general STEM learning. 
Do your students need inspiration to study STEM? Let one of our STEM Influencers help!

Teaching resources

Access free learning resources developed by BAE Systems and our partners, to inspire school students of all ages to pursue STEM studies.

STEM Q and A

If you have recently seen us at an event you might be looking for the answers to some of our STEM questions.
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