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Transacting Framework

Our Transacting Framework guides and governs our policies and procedures and our reporting and review structures.

Lifecycle Management

Our Lifecycle Management philosophy provides a powerful and flexible process and control environment within which we execute our projects.

High Performance

We embrace a High Performance culture and use appropriate behaviours to work as a team.

Ethics & Code of Conduct

We have ethical principles and standards of business conduct which are set out in our Ethics & Code of Conduct. We want to ensure that BAE Systems is renowned for demonstrating ethical conduct in its day-to-day business. This is essential to sustaining our personal and collective reputations.

Our Code of Conduct sets out our principles of business conduct and the standards we should all follow. We have a set of ethical principles that outline what we believe:

Accountability - we are personally answerable for our conduct and actions.
Honesty - there is no substitute for the truth.
Integrity - we say what we will do, we do what we will say.
Openness - when questions are asked, we will be frank and straightforward in our answers.
Respect - we value each individual and treat them with dignity and thoughtfulness.