Essential downloads when joining BAE Systems

Before you start, there are a few things we need you to do so that we can get you set up on our system.

Make sure you complete each of the below steps BEFORE your first day. The non-return of this documentation could invalidate your appointment and may affect the ability for BAE Systems to undertake timely payroll processing.
Step 1: Review the Fair Work Information Statement, (and, if you are a casual employee, the Casual Employee Information Statement) which the Fair Work Ombudsman stipulates must be provided to all new employees.
Step 2: Review BAE Systems Code of Conduct .
Step 3: Review and sign your Letter of Offer (attached in an email to you from HR Services).
Step 4: Complete the following electronic forms:
(Tip: save these to your desktop as you go. You’ll need to attach them to an email once you’re done) 
  1. Reviewing and electing to join the Mercer BAE Systems Superannuation Plan (learn about  Benefits of membership or
  2. Elect to choose your own Super Fund. If you are completing the Choice of Fund form, please use the employer details in this document. 
Please note: Where no Choice of Fund form is returned, the Company will request your ‘Stapled super fund” details from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). If the ATO advises that you do not have an existing “stapled” fund, the Mercer BAE Systems Australia Superannuation plan will be deemed the chosen fund”  or as captured in your industrial/enterprise agreement.
Failure to return your Choice of Fund form prior to or on day of commencement may result in your payroll payments being delayed due to no superannuation fund details being provided.
  • Tax File Number (TFN) and Tax Declaration Form 
Before you start work you need a Tax File Number (TFN). If you do not have a tax file number then the easiest way to apply for a TFN is to complete the online form. Bring your completed Tax Declaration Form with TFN on your first day at work and then submit to Payroll for processing.
Please note: if your completed Tax Declaration Form is not submitted within 14 days of your commencement of your role, you will not be eligible to claim the tax free threshold and will be taxed at the highest marginal rate.
Step 5: In reply to the email you received with your Letter of Offer, Create an email to HR Services (please do not reply all to protect your personal information) and attach your signed Letter of Offer, all completed paperwork and indicate your acceptance of the BAE Systems Code of Conduct.
Now you’re ready to start exploring the rest of the joining BAE Systems pages.