Sensor Systems

We provide superior situational awareness and targeting solutions.
Our advanced sensor systems integrate and collate information rapidly to give commanders superior situational awareness and targeting solutions. We provide and support major surface ship radar systems and state-of-the-art land-based radars. We also have leading capability in meteorological and oceanographic systems.

Sensor Systems Products

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    Lightweight Instrumentation Pod

    BAE Systems Lightweight Instrumentation Pod (LwIP) is a scalable and flexible pod system that allows for small to medium sized payloads to be carried on manned or autonomous airborne platforms with minimal impact to the parent platform.

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    AP-3C Orion Electronic Support Measures (ESM)

    In 1989, BAE Systems was awarded prime contractor on the Air-5140 project for the installation, test and upgrade of the Electronic Support Measures (ESM) equipment for the Royal Australian Air Force's (RAAF's) AP-3C Orion Maritime Patrol aircraft.