Managed Security Services (MSS)

We’ve defended the networks, data and devices of governments for 40 years – our Managed Security Services can bring that scale, knowledge and capability to your defence.
BAE Systems Managed Security...

BAE Systems Managed Security Services operate across four areas:


Managed Security Services: Prepare Product FamilyPrepare: Managed Security Services Product Family

Know who may be attacking you and where. Uncover your weaknesses, visualise your infrastructure and update your strategy and response planning.

Manage: Managed Security ServicesManage: Managed Security Services Product Family

Make your security operation more effective and efficient. Solve any staffing issues by outsourcing security.

Monitor: Managed Security ServicesMonitor: Managed Security Services Product Family

Ensure compliance and improve your detection capabilities with a range of monitoring solutions and detection content able to suit your needs.

Detect and Respond: Managed Security ServicesDetect & Respond: Managed Security Services Product Family

Hunt, detect and respond to even the most innovative and novel threats.

Managed Security Services (MSS)

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