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Information Superiority

Enabling our customers to achieve information superiority.
We provide robust end-to-end solutions and systems that can direct, collect, process, and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information, and enable our customers to achieve information superiority.

Information Superiority Products

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  • Product

    Simultaneous Dual Band Feed for Tactical Satellite Communications

    In the modern battlefield environment the Land Commander requires real-time delivery of intelligence information, as well as the flexibility to simultaneously command his forces. The Simultaneous Dual Band Feed satellite antenna feed, operating simultaneously in both X and Ka bands, and designed for use with the Wideband Global System satellite constellation, provides that flexibility.

  • Product

    Advanced SATCOM Terrestrial Infrastructure System (ASTIS)

    ASTIS provides and supports satellite communications equipment to complement the space segment being procured by project JP2008 Phase 3D.

  • FALCON Tactical Communications System



    FALCON is a secure deployable broadband voice, data and video communications system for the British Army and Royal Air Force.