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  • A British official cinematographer filming 'The last shot fired before the Armistice' by a battery of 18-pounder field guns, 11.00 am, 11 November 1918. (IWM Q 3353)

    Friday 05 November 2021

    Remembrance Day: Tears and Pride

    “As a nation, we owe it to the memories of those that are no longer with us and to the futures of those that are; to pay our respect this Remembrance Day.”

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  • JORN People Profile - Liz Image

    Wednesday 13 October 2021

    Leading the Way for Female Engineers

    “I hope we can keep changing stereotypes from a young age. When you ask a kindy kid to draw an engineer, they'll typically draw a male.”

    Our Employees, People, Technology

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  • Blake enjoys exercise Boss Lift 21

    Monday 11 October 2021

    Up-close with ADF Reservists

    Blake, Head of Production Operations and Transformation (Maritime Sustainment), has enjoyed first-hand experience of work and life as an Australian Defence Force reservist by taking part in Exercise Boss Lift.

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  • thumbnail_Kyal

    Thursday 12 August 2021

    From Nintendo 64 to Australia's largest ever surface shipbuilding program: Meet Kyal

    Growing up, when most of his friends were playing video games, Kyal was designing his own.

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  • Anika

    Friday 16 July 2021

    STEM-inspired: sharing passion for engineering

    Anika is a graduate Hardware Engineer who is actively involved in the STEM activities with the younger generation. She shared her experience as a STEM volunteer.

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  • Thumbnail_NSC_interns

    Wednesday 03 March 2021

    Interns build industry experience through scholarship program

    Congratulations to the eight undergraduates who have recently completed a 12 week internship with BAE Systems Australia.

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  • VAC meeting with the Minister for Veteran Affairs

    Friday 13 November 2020

    Supporting our Veterans in their journey from military to civilian life

    A career change can often be challenging, especially when transitioning from the military to civilian life. By establishing a Veterans Advisory Committee, we want to be able to provide the ongoing support to our veteran employees and their families.

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  • Adam, Engineer

    Thursday 24 September 2020

    'We need to keep graduating pilots'

    Transitioning from a 13 year role at the Royal Australian Air Force on the east coast to a position with BAE Systems back home in Perth, wasn’t going to be an easy feat for Adam.

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  • David, Warehouse operator

    Sunday 06 September 2020

    Protecting our team and freight from COVID

    When COVID-19 broke out across the country the much-loved community gatherings had to come to a halt, but receiving our international freight and product could not.

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  • Tricia, Engineer

    Thursday 18 June 2020

    Growth after the Graduate Program

    With two years of learning behind her in the Graduate Program, Tricia started a new role in February, only to find the world, workplace and herself pivoting quickly to adjust to working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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