One team: Strength in our differences

Earlier this year the Hobart-class achieved Final Operating Capability, a momentous milestone for the program and a proud moment for the Destroyer Enterprise.

Working as one team, under the Transition Support Contract, the Destroyer Enterprise brings together the Royal Australian Navy, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Thales, Raytheon Australia, Lockheed Martin Australia, Navantia Australia and BAE Systems Australia to deliver an enduring Destroyer capability that can achieve Navy's mission.
Today, the Hobart-class air warfare destroyers are the most capable warships in Australia’s naval history. 
The Destroyer Enterprise plays a vital role in facilitating the upkeep, upgrade, and update of the Hobart Class Destroyers, contributing directly to the capability of Navy and Defence.
With 7 organisations working as one team, successful collaboration is integral to achieving an efficient and effective warship sustainment capability.
We sat down with Scott, ASO Capability Manager, to hear how the Enterprise improved collaboration, culture and delivery in the Maintenance team.
Scott and Commander Burrows
There are many ways to empower a team to collaborate explains Scott. At Garden Island, NSW, the team took the opportunity to co-locate.
“We began siloed into each company and we found we were trying to problem solve through conversations over the partitions, it wasn’t efficient or effective.
“We shifted away from sitting together with our organisational colleagues, and into new formations based on the functional groups supporting each ship.

"What that meant was we took away the company shirts, and just said, we are team DDG.

“The difference was huge. You could see the culture shifting. It was a visible change, and I started seeing a breakdown of the invisible organisational barriers.
"Sharing our workspace meant you would hear, “Did you want come and grab a coffee?” and these small acts signalled the start of something much bigger.”
Through casual chats and moments of connection, the team built trust across the Enterprise and what followed was a truly collaborative way of working.
“You get emotional support, connection, and trust between the parties, and a greater understanding of our partner organisations and how they operate,” says Scott.
“That trust means that you are able to have some meaningful and sometimes difficult conversations that you can recover from quickly.”
“We all realise that we're there to do the right thing for the Enterprise. It is having people that have the trust and relationships who are essential in delivering the charter to realise the Navy’s motto, to fight and win at sea. The fact that each company is different is exactly what makes the Enterprise so valuable.”

“You have Australia’s leading Defence companies working as one team to deliver the best outcome for the Royal Australian Navy.”

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BAE Systems Australia 1 December 2021