'We need to keep graduating pilots'

Transitioning from a 13 year role at the Royal Australian Air Force on the east coast to a position with BAE Systems back home in Perth, wasn’t going to be an easy feat for Adam. 
Adam, Engineer
It was the close-knit ex-defence community within the company that made Adam’s transition from leaving the RAAF almost two years ago, easier and much more seamless than expected. 
‘‘I definitely underestimated the impact it was going to have (on me) emotionally, because it was something that I had done for such a long period of my life.’’
Adam, an engineer at RAAF Base Pearce located north of Perth in Western Australia, initially left his hometown when he was just 18 years of age, to head over to the east coast and join the RAAF. 
But eventually, after missing family life he decided to discharge from the RAAF and make the move back home. 

‘‘Coming to BAE Systems, I found myself in a community full of ex-service people and that just turned out to be the perfect thing for me.’’ 

Adam says he owes his swift integration within the company down to networking with like-minded people in his team. 
‘‘It was just great to be able to network with ex-defence people, they could definitely understand me and it helped with my integration with the team,’’ says Adam. 
Now providing a capability for the Royal Australian Air Force to help train its pilots whilst providing both technical maintenance and support, Adam says his experience of transitioning from the defence force to BAE Systems was certainly a worthwhile experience. 

‘‘I found it was a really positive experience to be honest, and I feel like...it gave me a lot of loyalty.’’

Transitioning into a new role aside, COVID-19 has certainly challenged many aspects of day-to-day operations for most BAE Systems’ employees, and Adam’s role was no exception.
Once he and the team made adjustments to their work environments - social distancing, splitting the team to night/day shift - they were able to successfully and quickly adapt, whilst continuing to provide sovereign capability and support to the RAAF. 
Providing this ongoing support to the RAAF and our greater community, Adam says is vital to ensuring our shores are kept safe. 

‘‘It’s important that our work keeps going. We need to keep graduating pilots for the air force. So, if the Air Force was to suddenly stop training these fighter pilots, then you’d have expensive assets on the ground with no pilots to fly them, and that's going to end up giving you a capability gap.’’

‘‘As far as providing a service to the community of keeping these shores safe, we need to keep graduating the pilots, keep them flying, keep them training.’’

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BAE Systems Australia 24 September 2020