Embracing an ‘everyone’ culture on International Women's Day

CEO BAE Systems Australia
Today is International Women’s Day – a day where people come together around the world to celebrate the wonderful and meaningful impact women have in the workplace, in society and in each of our lives’.
Gabby Costigan with students
In 2019, the focus is on promoting gender balance, which is an important aspect of diversity for many companies and industries – particularly those like ours which employ large numbers of people with STEM skills. Traditionally, fewer women pursue STEM careers, so we’re recruiting from a much smaller pool of female talent. This means we have to be purposeful in levelling the playing field and making our company and our industry, a place where women want to work and progress, in order to achieve diversity and balance in our teams.
For our company to thrive – to be adaptable, innovative, high-performing and competitive in a demanding environment – we must create an inclusive environment that attracts, embraces and harnesses difference in all forms. A culture where everyone is able to give their best by bringing individuality to work and contributing different opinions, perspectives and ideas. It isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s critical to our future success.
STEM tent at Avalon 2019
At BAE Systems across the globe, we have two clear objectives to accelerate diversity and foster an inclusive culture – attracting and retaining a diverse workforce at all levels, and advancing an inclusive workplace where people feel their differences are valued. Our approach and our progress involves everyone at our company.
International Women’s Day is a great reminder to us all to think and act differently. By talking about diversity and inclusion, by considering how we live our company values and behaviours, and by personally being open-minded and embracing difference in our everyday lives.
Gabby Costigan at the STEM tent at Avalon 2019
Achieving an ‘everyone’ culture is not only about gender balance. If we are to be truly successful in our endeavours, we must seek to gain the contribution, the ideas, and the ingenuity of all.
I encourage everyone to spend some time today considering diversity and inclusion issues. And spend time the day after, and the day after that too. Let’s keep the conversation going.
Have a great International Women’s Day!
top Gabrielle Costigan, CEO BAE Systems Australia
Gabby Costigan CEO BAE Systems Australia 8 March 2019