Aussie brothers keen to be a part of the Hunter Class Frigate Program

BAE Systems Maritime Australia has placed three more Hunter Class Frigate Program prototyping contracts with Australian businesses, including SA-based Novafast International.

Novafast International is a proudly-run family business that has recently been contracted to manufacture more than 600 metres of Composite Pipe for Hunter’s prototyping phase - that’s the length of 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools!
As part of the contract, they will also manufacture around 1,500 Composite Pipe Fittings.
Brothers David Figallo and Paul Figallo are Novafast International’s Business Directors, with their dad, Charles, founding the business in 1999.
“We are excited by the prospect of supporting the defence sector and aligning ourselves with industry 4.0, while supporting one of the largest defence primes and shipbuilding programs in the country,” says David and Paul.
“Working with siblings certainly has its challenges, particularly as we are all very strong-minded and driven individuals - nevertheless this is part of the fun and what makes our business so unique!”
After contract award, Novafast International has hired additional employees, including Anthony and Duran.
“Working on this project to supply composite pipe for the Hunter Class Frigate Program has been challenging but extremely rewarding because I’m learning and building new competencies every day,” says Anthony, a Production and Quality Engineer.
“It’s very cool to play a part in a project of such scale and complexity that is supporting local jobs and industry for years to come.”

Anthony, Production and Quality Engineer for Novafast International

BAE Systems Maritime Australia has also recently placed two other prototyping contracts. South Australian-based Century Engineering (SA-based) will supply more than 8,500 Pipe Support Manacles, while Victorian-based Mackay Consolidated Industries (VIC-based) will supply more than 4,500 Pipe Hanger Inserts.
BAE Systems Maritime Australia Managing Director Craig Lockhart says the Novafast contract was a prime example of a local company developing sovereign capability to manufacture advanced composites including pipe and fittings, benefiting not only the Hunter program but future naval shipbuilding programs.
“Our supply chain is critical to our overall success, and we remain committed to working with Australian industry to ensure we have the right capability required to build sovereign industrial capability for our nation,” says Craig.


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BAE Systems Australia 24 May 2021