This Notice should be read in conjunction with the Overview and the Definitions, including, in particular, the table of categories of information.

Employee networks

What processing activities do you undertake that include my information?
If you have chosen to become a member or ally of an employee network, we administer and manage your involvement with these groups.
What categories of information are included in these processing activities?
To manage your status, we process staff related data and data related to your engagement with the Company.
If you chose to disclose your sexual orientation or information about a disability, we will also process this information in connection with your membership of an employee network.
Further, if you choose to provide any further details for the purposes of joining discussions within the relevant employee network, this will also be processed in connection with your membership.
We may also process sensitive information (such as your sexual orientation or disability information) to the extent it applies to your membership and only as permitted by applicable laws.
What is the reason for these processing activities?
The Company wants to engage with its workforce and provide employee networks and special interest groups to employees. We use your information to manage your involvement with these employee networks and interest groups.
To the extent that you did not get this information from me, how did you collect it? 
Some of this information will come from internal sources, such as your line management and the HR team. 
Any information relating to your sexual orientation or disability will come from you, as will any further details that you share.
Who do you share this information with?
Your information is only shared internally with the relevant employee network steering committee (as appropriate).