This Notice should be read in conjunction with the Overview and the Definitions, including, in particular, the table of categories of information.


What processing activities do you undertake that include my information?
If you are shortlisted for a role with the Company, we undertake appropriate vetting.
This includes, where relevant and appropriate, governmental security clearances or classification checks, nationality and credit checks, driving licence checks, identity checks, fraud checks, criminal record checks (if and to the extent permitted by applicable laws), relevant employment history, relevant regulatory status and professional qualifications.
Unless you tell us otherwise, we will also retain your information so that we can consider you for any future roles which may become vacant from time to time.
What categories of information are included in these processing activities?
To run the processes set out above, we process staff related data, data related to your engagement with the Company, recruitment data, vetting data, regulatory data, monitoring data (to the extent permitted by applicable laws) and employment claims, complaints and disclosures data.
You may be asked to make disclosures to us of certain sensitive information, such as information relating to your race/ethnicity and country of origin any conflicts of interests (in the form of connections to customers or competitors), as well as political affiliations and criminal convictions (if relevant).
What is the reason for these processing activities?
The Company needs to make decisions relating to the future of its business in order to preserve its business operations or grow its business.  These interests include the interests of the workforce as a whole and the Company’s customer base.
We undertake vetting in order to protect our business and to ensure that only appropriately qualified and suitable individuals are employed by the Company.
We are also required to strictly comply with export controls laws, so that our business can continue to market defence goods and services.
We undertake vetting in order to ensure our employees are appropriately authorised to access classified information and/or export controlled information and technologies.
We may also need to process your sensitive information for carrying out our employment law obligations, to the extent that the processing is required to comply with our Equal Opportunity Legislation obligations, for substantial public interests or where it is needed for legal claims.
To the extent that you did not get this information from me, how did you collect it? 
Some information will be generated by internal sources, as set out in this Notice.  This will include from the relevant recruiter, Human Resources and the hiring manager.  The results of some of these checks will come from the Company's external suppliers and partners and from internal activities in the recruitment process. 
We may also receive information from other sources as set out in this Notice.
In addition, we may also gather some information from publicly available sources which may include news and social media. 
Who do you share this information with?
This information may be shared internally for the purposes described above.
In addition, some of your information will be shared with our suppliers as needed to carry out the checks, and as otherwise set out in this Notice.