Nulka Active Missile Decoy

Investing in Australia's future
With an annual contribution of $1.2 billion to Australia's GDP, take a closer look at one of our 200 programs supporting Australia's defence. 
Nulka decoy missile in flight
Nulka is now Australia’s largest defence export, having generated more than $1 billion in export revenue for our economy.
It is a unique national defence capability developed by the defence sector right here in Australia. BAE Systems is proud to work closely with the government’s Defence Science & Technology Group on it. Together we were responsible for the design, development and integration of Nulka not just on Royal Australian Navy ships but also US and Canadian warships.

Approximately 50 per cent of Australia’s manufacturing workshare on this decoy is distributed to local subcontractors.
By exporting Nulka, we have been able to create further opportunities for Australia, invest further in research and development, create new jobs, and further expand our Australian supply chain.
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