F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Investing in Australia's future
With an annual contribution of $1.2 billion to Australia's GDP, take a closer look at one of our 200 programs supporting Australia's defence. 
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The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is a truly global program and Australia is not just a buyer of the aircraft but also helping build and sustain them.
We have invested more than $15 million in facilities and equipment to establish a titanium machining facility in Adelaide to manufacture F-35 vertical tail components. Titanium machined vertical tail parts are then supplied to an Australian family-owned engineering firm Marand, in Victoria, who assemble them and export them to the UK.
And we’ll work alongside the Royal Australian Air Force to provide the most effective sustainment services available, ensuring the F-35 is prepared and ready to be deployed anytime, anywhere.

When all of the RAAF’s aircraft are delivered, BAE Systems will employ over 200 people
supporting F-35 sustainment within Australia.
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