Virtual reality headset
The program called “CnVRg” focusses on skill development and will involve Playford primary and secondary schools co-designing a Virtual Reality experience to inspire and engage up to 100 students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning.
BAE Systems is the nation’s most diverse defence company and has had a presence in South Australia for almost 70 years. Its Edinburgh Parks facility employs around 1000 people working in a broad range of roles from producing parts for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft to upgrading critical Defence infrastructure.
CnVRg aims to challenge a variety of problem-solving skills including non-verbal communication, pattern recognition, logical reasoning and innovation, while relying on a strong element of teamwork.
City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty said NSS continued to build access and equity for young people in the community through STEM learning opportunities.
“We continue to build on the success of entry level Creative Industries skills training already on offer,” Mayor Docherty said. “It is important to prepare our young people for new jobs that are emerging because of technological advances, as well as current skill shortages. “We are supporting our education partners in the way students learn, connect and interact every day.”
BAE Systems Australia CEO Ben Hudson said he wants to continue to inspire and develop a diverse workforce into the future, while building the confidence and skills of young people.
“Through CnVRg, we can help reinforce the importance of STEM learning through applied and interesting technology experiences.  We are committed to supporting the communities close to our sites and demonstrating the diverse job pathways that STEM studies can provide.” 

BAE Systems will also support the initiative with site tours and work experience opportunities, so students gain a greater understanding of the careers opportunities available to them. 
The project will partner with young people from Playford International College and Elizabeth Downs Primary School in its first year, while supported by industry and education partners.