- Pierre Steyn, BAE Systems and Major Adrian Liew, Head of the RSAF AGC, with their commemoration plaque which reads “Together in Partnership

BAE Systems Aviation Solutions has been the primary provider of Air Grading Services to the RSAF since 1999.

BAE Systems provides aircraft, training for RSAF instructors, purpose built training facilities, full accommodation and recreational facilities, and has recently renewed the Air Grading Contract with the RSAF for a further 5 years.

Major Adrian Liew, Head of the RSAF AGC and Pierre Steyn, BAE Systems Flight Training Tamworth Project Manager, jointly signed a commemorative plaque in Chinese, to symbolise the past 10 years of successful partnering. The plaque’s translation reads “Together in Partnership".

John Quaife, General Manager Aviation Solutions, said, “It has been a privilege to support the RSAF in grading their future pilots. The success of the past 10 years reflects the trust and the depth of our partnership.

“We welcome the RSAF’s continued support for Flight Training Tamworth and BAE Systems as their on-going partner for air grading activities,” Mr Quaife concluded.