CV90 rolls into Adelaide
The modular, tracked CV90, now available and in use in 15 variants with seven countries, has continuously evolved as an IFV to meet new and emerging customer requirements and operational environments.
To learn more about the CV90, join our on-stand media session on Wednesday 5 September at 10.30am at stand 3G9.


The highly adaptable CV90 comes in up to 15 variants already in use and readily available to new customers, while making the vehicle suitable for diverse mission sets. BAE Systems recently completed on-time deliveries of 144 CV90s to the Norwegian Army that, in addition to the IFV configuration, were adapted and designed to support the combat engineering, command and control, reconnaissance, and multirole missions. The multirole variant was equipped with a modular interchangeable role kit to carry out different functions, including mortar, carrier and logistics missions.
“The combination of modular armour protection, firepower, and mobility makes the CV90 a formidable vehicle, but we have also recognised benefits of the platform beyond this,” said Brigadier General Morten Eggen, Head of Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency’s Land Systems Division. “Multiple variants equal greater flexibility and capability on the battlefield. A set of vehicles with open electronic architecture means our fleets have the ability to share information quickly within their own digital network, combined with easy access to vital functions.”
CV90 variants offer different levels of firepower and protection as well as open electronic architecture, which allows for faster technology upgrades and insertion than legacy electronic systems do. Other variants available include driver training, anti-air defence, armoured recovery, electronic warfare, and forward observation. To date, 1,280 CV90s in 15 variants are in service with seven nations, including four NATO allies.
“From the original requirements set by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration to the most recent version of the CV90 delivered to the Norwegian Army, the CV90 is constantly evolving,” said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, vice president and general manager for BAE Systems’ Hägglunds, and designers and manufacturer of the vehicle. “Our strong technology capabilities combined with operational experience in the most demanding battlefield environments provides our customers with a cutting-edge vehicle that is built to last. We are proud to highlight the CV90 here in Australia as we consider the Commonwealth’s LAND 400 phase 3 Request for Tender.”
Since the CV90’s Australian debut at Land Forces 2016, BAE Systems has introduced the CV90 MkIV, which offers substantial capability upgrades, including increased drive train capabilities and active damping technology to improve battlefield agility and handling while creating a smoother ride for the soldier. Other features include a new all-digital turret, which can be configured to meet various customer needs, and BAE Systems’ solution for the future battlefield known as iFighting®. The MkIV generation will also be the first Western IFV with a qualified Active Protection System.
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