SEA 1778

The company has offered a mission system for the SEA 1778 request for tender, which incorporates products with proven overseas use that will be locally delivered and supported in Sydney.

Under the proposed solution, BAE Systems will maximise the use of off-the-shelf products for undertaking mine and obstacle detection, classification, identification, avoidance and neutralisation (where necessary).

BAE Systems Australia’s Director Land & Integrated Systems, Graeme Bent said, “Our solution will safeguard vessels and crew supporting the Australian Defence Force’s amphibious capabilities, headlined by the two new Landing Helicopter Docks currently being fitted out by BAE Systems in Williamstown, Victoria.

“Our highly compliant mission system employs manned and unmanned systems and uses advanced technology for mine hunting with minimal risk”.

The mission system includes REMUS, the only combat-proven Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), currently in-service with 17 naval operators worldwide. The reliable AUV Hydroid REMUS 600 and man-portable AUV Hydroid REMUS 100 from UVS form an important part of the solution.

BAE Systems will also introduce technology from Sonartech Atlas and two Australian designed and built boats supplied by Britton Maritime Systems.

The highly deployed Atlas Elektronik SeaFox Mine Neutralisation System (EMNS) is used in 11 countries, including the US and UK. It offers low ‘entry into service’ risk given 70 ship, 15 portable and six helicopter systems are being delivered, as well as more than 3,000 underwater vehicles.

Both Britton Maritime Systems vessels have a common hull and, whilst tailored to SEA 1778 requirements, the designs aim to minimise development needs. The Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV1300) shares system commonality with the Navy’s minesweeping drone boat, while the Mine Counter Measures Support Boat (MCMSB1300) is evolved from the 9-10 metre variants in-service with NSW Marine Rescue and various state Police Forces.

BAE Systems is committed to building and sustaining a long-term, successful partnership with the Australian Defence Force and looks forward to continuing to support it in its essential strategic and humanitarian missions.

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