BAE Systems delivers HF surveillance capability demonstrator to US customer

In late 2016, BAE Systems conducted factory acceptance testing (FAT) for the initial high frequency (HF) receiver system that will be integrated into existing capability demonstrator systems.
High Frequency surveillance
The FAT included witness testing and demonstrations with the US customer located at our Edinburgh Parks facility.
The demonstration included integration and testing of five racks of integrated HF digital receiver systems comprising hardware and software, including the BAE Systems designed ‘innovative timing and calibration system’.
The eight-day visit was a stunning success with the customer praising BAE Systems on the quality of the demonstration and the professionalism and expertise shown by the teams.
Following the successful FAT the equipment was shipped to a customer facility in the US for further software integration and testing. This integration was successfully completed in December.
The final delivery of BAE Systems digital hardware and software systems will now undergo a number of minor capability enhancements prior to further systems integration at the customer’s facility.
Upon final FAT, scheduled to take place in February in Edinburgh Parks, the equipment will be shipped to the US for final integration before deployment in a classified tactical facility.
During the visit, our international customer was also provided demonstrations of the exceptional work being performed within the JORN PIC Support Program in preparation for JORN Phase 6.
BAE Systems, leveraging its advanced manufacturing capabilities, has completed manufacture and site acceptance testing of HF equipment to support JORN Phase 6 risk reduction tasks within the JORN PIC Support Program.
This project has further demonstrated the capability of BAE Systems to take initial design packs from Defence Science and Technology Group and manufacture HF products in quantity.