Joint Strike Fighter manufacturing machine, South Australia

ADELAIDE, Australia – In a collaborative arrangement with the South Australian Government and Rosebank Engineering, BAE Systems has announced that Australia’s biggest advanced aerospace components manufacturing and treatment operation will be built in South Australia.

As part of the initiative, Victorian-based Rosebank Engineering will set up an operation at Edinburgh Parks, South Australia for the first time.

The new facilities will make some of the world’s most advanced aerospace components in two facilities run by BAE Systems and Rosebank Engineering.  The BAE Systems facility will specialise in machining parts and the Rosebank Engineering facility will provide specialised treatment and metal finishing services.

While making Joint Strike Fighter parts for the F35 Lightning II program will form a large part of the new operation, the facilities will also have the capability to manufacture large-scale components to support commercial aircraft, commercial industries and other defence projects.

Rosebank General Manager Craig Butler said: “The opportunity to participate in a program of this scale would have been impossible for an Australian SME without the significant technical assistance provided by BAE Systems, and the guidance provided by the South Australian Government on establishing business in their State.”

BAE Systems Chief Executive David Allott said: “By Rosebank Engineering and BAE Systems coming together to build these world-class facilities a significant capability gap in Australian aerospace manufacturing will be bridged.

“This agreement will create new jobs within the state and demonstrates the South Australian Government’s long-term commitment to becoming a high-tech manufacturing leader with an important role in the JSF supply chain over the next 20 years.”

The machining capability will be the second of its kind in the world and will house a machine designed to produce long thin-wall aerospace titanium components up to five metres long.

The matching metal processing and finishing facility will be designed from the ground up to incorporate the latest aerospace metal treatments, waste minimisation and energy-saving technologies.

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