FAST Labs™ Advanced Technology R&D

Intelligent Autonomous Systems R&D

FAST Labs Autonomy R&D
Intelligent autonomy systems by BAE Systems’ FAST Labs support military personnel in the air, at sea, on the ground, and in space.
Integrates control, estimation, and learning to create adaptive and intelligent solutions capable of real time information processing and decision making.
Whether at rest or in motion, on the ground, in air, sea, or space, autonomy technologies support the warfighter in any mission. These technologies span from the smallest sensor products to the largest enterprise service applications that help users intelligently use autonomy to make better decisions faster, and that build and maintain trust in integrated systems.
With more than 25 years of innovating solutions for autonomous systems, research teams have pioneered technologies such as data fusion, machine learning, and dynamic planning and control. These allow autonomous systems to assess information from multiple sources in order to develop situational understanding, learn what’s new in the operational environment, and act in accordance with gained knowledge in the battlespace by making informed decisions optimized for the mission at hand.

Focus areas

Situational assessment and understanding

In complex environments, autonomy technologies decipher between friend or foe, and abnormal or normal patterns to provide time-sensitive, game-changing knowledge and understanding to the warfighter. These technologies fuse all data large and small scale sources to simultaneously track both moving and stationary objects for a comprehensive situational understanding and awareness when it matters most.
Our R&D capabilities include:
  • Estimation and tracking 
  • Hard and soft data fusion 
  • Complex adaptive systems 
  • Decision analytics 


Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Autonomy technologies help operators make reliable, expedited decisions at machine speed that would not otherwise have been possible on their own. They learn about their current environment, discover new behaviors of subjects in it, and validate their actions – ultimately increasing understanding, and user confidence for wide-spread mission use. 
Our R&D capabilities include:
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Human and machine decision-making collaboration 
  • Adaptable computing

Mission planning and decision making

On any domain, or on any timescale, autonomous systems enable expedited and simplified mission planning and management processes. Autonomous decisions are made from multi-day courses of action to microsecond sensor resource optimization that act to deter, defend, and defeat any threat in the battlespace.
Our R&D capabilities include:
  • Distributed planning and control
  • Multi-domain and multi-vehicle mission planning 
  • Electronic warfare battle management across platforms 
  • Sensor resource management

Technology Collaboration

The autonomy R&D group welcomes collaboration with industry and academia on current or future projects. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more or participating with our team.