Education and community partnerships
The Company offers a number of opportunities to encourage young people into the organisation.
This Notice should be read in conjunction with the Overview and the Definitions, including, in particular, the table of categories of information.

Work Experience

What processing activities do you undertake that include my information?
If you apply for a work experience placement, your information (or the information of your dependant, as appropriate) will be processed by the Company in order to both assess suitability for the placement and possible future roles with the Company and to manage and administer the same.  
What categories of information are included in these processing activities?
We will process identity information, contact information and information relating the applicants' employment and education, including school name and town, nationality, emergency contact details, and information regarding the applicant’s performance during their work experience.
We may also process information relating to the applicant's teacher in order to manage the placement.
We may also process sensitive information to the extent permitted by applicable laws.
What is the reason for these processing activities?
We carry out these activities in order to support our education strategy and to make a positive contribution to local communities by offering individuals the opportunity to experience programmes with the Company. 
This includes aiming to:
  • enthuse young people about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM subjects) and encourage them to pursue these subjects at school, college and university
  • enthuse young people about the Company and to encourage them to aspire to making their career with the Company
  • promote positively the Company in the communities in which we operate.
The information we collect may also be used to consider applicants for internships and other work opportunities that become available with our Company.
To the extent that you did not get this information from me, how did you collect it?
We receive the information from the relevant parent, guardian, relative, school or teacher.
We may also receive information from other sources as set out in this Notice.
Who do you share this information with?
This information may be shared internally for the purposes described above.
In addition, some of your information will be shared externally with the relevant school as needed and as otherwise set out in this Notice.