Applied Intelligence

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Farnborough International
Airshow 2018
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1 - Cyber Capability


We are committed to supporting government national security and defence agencies in the delivery of their national cyber defence missions, with our focus on:

  • Technology, processes and people required to design, develop and operate a National Cyber Security Agency effectively to deliver the full range of cyber capabilities throughout the mission lifecycle
  • National umbrella cyber threat horizon scanning and situational awareness
  • Advanced monitoring for government and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) enterprise(s)
  • Managed Security Services
  • Threat intelligence
  • Resilience engineering
These core capabilities enable our customers to stay ahead of today’s cyber threats, providing actionable intelligence from multiple sources for law enforcement and defence/intelligence agencies.



2 - Threat Intelligence

As cyber-space evolves, so do the threats which seek to exploit users for financial, political or nation-state objectives. Understanding the nature of these threats is rapidly becoming a key part of any mature cyber-security programme.
Through our Threat Intelligence service, we provide partners, nations and governments with relevant, timely and actionable information on the threats they face. We offer both technical data feeds and contextualised reports via a secure portal, along with access to our technical experts, who can assist with investigating suspected cyber-attack activity.



3 - Advanced Security Operations Centres

We work with nation states and governments to define, design, deploy and operationalise national Advanced Security Operation centres which are capable of providing national cyber defence capability.
Our Advanced Security Operations Centres are based upon decades of skills, experience and technological innovation in cyber space and from working in partnership with nation states and governments.
We provide a phased and tailored roadmap which moves a customer from their existing cyber security protection capability to proactive national cyber defence. Our services include technology, training, proven work practices and processes and shared knowledge on how to make an Advanced Security Operation Centre achieve its mission.



4 - Open Source Collection and Analysis

In pursuance of their missions, national agencies are faced with key questions about those who pose a threat to a nation, its businesses, or its citizens.
We have a number of solutions that can empower law enforcement agencies and those tasked with national defence to search through incredible volumes of publicly available open source data, to conduct powerful analysis and enrichment of that data and to maximise the intelligence which can be obtained from it to form a single intelligence picture.
Our solutions enable our customers to operate within the law and the authority granted to them by their governments, while respecting privacy laws and the rights of individuals.



- Smart Device Monitoring

Everyone depends on a mobile device. Today we depend on wirelessly enabled smart devices, whether that is for personal or business communication, internet access, health monitoring, fitness tracking or many other uses.
Yet policies within secure Government or commercial facilities typically exclude smart devices due to the unmonitored and therefore unmanageable risk they pose. This approach leaves those who work in Government and businesses that have secure facilities at a disadvantage as the rest of the world increasingly enjoys the benefits that smart devices provide.
The solution demonstrated enables use of smart devices in secure environments by enabling the security risk to be managed. The solution is a sensor network providing high-fidelity physical coverage of the personnel communications standards used by smart devices. This, together with centralised analysis of usage, enables identification of smart device activity.
Each sensor passively collects information on local communication as opposed to content. All sensors in the facility are used to provide wireless situational awareness though analytics and visualisation.