Project Sunday

A woman looking at a computer screen
Project Sunday helps government workers feel better connected to life outside of the secure facilities in which they work each day because you have “a need to know” what is going on at work and at home.
Project Sunday is a cost efficient solution capable of increasing worker productivity and promoting a positive work-life balance, all while adhering to the security and technological barriers required when working in a secure government facility.
  • Keeps workers connected to important text messages, phone calls and device alerts, while working in a secure government facility
  • Compatible with all iOS and Android devices
  • Hardware and software stacks on premises or in the cloud to ease adoption
  • Fully-customizable security protocols and workforce use policies
  • Delivered with interim authority to operate (iATO) and System Security Plan (SSP) documentation

Project Sunday software and hardware stacks are deployable on premises or on the cloud, allowing full integration with customer infrastructure. Customers can put their own cyber threat intelligence tools and regulations in place to increase security. Customers are also able to review the frequency and length of time an employee is remotely accessing their device to ensure appropriate use.

Customized Security Controls

  • Integrate your own cyber threat intelligence tools
  • Integrate with BAE Systems’ federated secure cloud security controls
  • Implement Acceptable Use Policies

Intuitive user Interface

  • Looks and feels identical to your Android or iOS device
  • Utilizes keyboard and mouse to navigate
  • Click and drag the app window around your screen