Desktop as a Service Provider

Virtual Desktop Solution
We are changing the way our intelligence community customers deliver IT to users around the world. We deliver a broad range of services including IT, cybersecurity and intelligence analysis solutions to support national security missions. 
With the Virtual Desktop Solution, BAE Systems pulls from lessons learned across the large-scale global deployment of our virtual desktop infrastructure for thick and thin user end points.
Experienced Provider
Government decision makers rely on relevant and timely information from an increasingly mobile and global work force. The Virtual Desktop Solution delivers the mission touch points where users share and collaborate across a broad spectrum of operations. BAE Systems understands the technical, support, and governance structures that drive end user experience, security, performance and total cost of ownership. We are an experienced enterprise solution provider. Government customers are better able to manage the significant change in operational concept required to take full advantage of virtual desktop capability. Our collaborative partnering approach brings innovation and efficiency to successfully navigate rapidly evolving technology, emerging threats, and complex interdependencies.
Increased Security Benefits
Our Virtual Desktop Solution enhances security by moving the data away from the end user and into a structured backend. The centralization of data is critical to delivering a consistent client end user experience. Consolidation of information allows common access to control mechanisms. An integrated approach to data tagging with Identity and Access Management (IdAM) forces data to be closely controlled and properly identified. The Virtual Desktop Solution minimizes the transmission of malware attacks by leveraging a clean, protected operating system at every login. Centralized security patch management speeds deployment of critical patches. If any machines are not patched, the potential for threat exists. The Virtual Desktop Solution accelerates the time to compliance by reducing the complexity and automating patch deployment. Our successes, lessons learned, and best practices draw on experience across a variety of business models, technologies, and governance structures.
Virtual Desktop Solution security supports legacy, thick, thin, and mobile devices. Secure (legacy) desktop services can be provided alongside emerging web and mobile applications. Customers benefit from new secure applications and end-user devices, while preserving reachback to legacy applications.
Collaborative Partnering Approach
Our successes, lessons learned, and best practices draw on experience across a variety of business models, technologies, and governance structures. Our approach to being a collaborative partner for government customers is based on the following principles:
  • Accelerate the mission decision cycle by getting the right information to the right people
  • Attack the cost structure
  • Improve security
  • Bring customer-specific mission understanding to make sure that Virtual Desktop Solution benefits are realized from short-term initial deployment through longer-term customer vision

BAE Systems applies the same principles to collaborate with industry partners. This common set of principles helps align and drive innovation together with like-minded small and large business collaboration partners across the spectrum of hardware, software, and services.
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