Broadsword® Spine®

Broadsword® Spine®
Armed Forces, First Responders and Law Enforcement are carrying more electronic equipment than ever before
Broadsword® Spine® is an invisible network that is built directly into clothing, by using conductive fabrics instead of wires and cables. Electronic devices can be plugged straight into a vest, jacket or belt to be hooked into power and data.

Broadsword® Spine®


Broadsword® Spine® is a garment's insert that delivers power and data connectivity through a revolutionary e-textile combined with a power and data management system.

The e-textile is woven from conductive yarns to create a patented fabric power-and-data distribution network.
  • More flexible
  • More robust
  • Lighter
  • Lower profile
  • Integrated into load-carriage to remove snag and tangle issues
Broadsword® Spine® typically has eight connection ports arranged across a garment, capable of providing 180 watts of power and communicating over USB. A solution for professions such as armed forces, fire and rescue services, and law enforcement – that benefit from connected electronic equipment on their clothing. Broadsword® Spine® conforms to the Generic Soldier Architecture Standard being developed by the UK MoD.

Power and Data Manager for Broadsword configuration Connectors

Anything anywhere - all connection points can provide power and date to connected equipment. Eight fully protected (over current/voltage) data/power ports capable of supplying 5A and operating at USB 2.0 speeds are provided.

Embedded Power and Data Manager

Automated management of the power and data is performed by an embedded management computer that forms part of the e-textile loom. A Smartphone app can be used to monitor and control Broadsword® Spine®, allowing greater control by the user.