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Marine solutions

Red & White Fleet's E...

Red & White Fleet has a vision to decrease our global footprint using zero-emission technology, the launch of the Enhydra is the first step.

Red and White Fleet is a leader in sustainable practices within the maritime industry
We’re saving much more than fuel with sustainable marine solutions: electric, hybrid electric and hydrogen fuel cell.

HybriGen® power and propulsion

Keeping our waterways clean is important to our health and survival. BAE Systems is helping to provide sustainable transport with our HybriGen power and propulsion solution. HybriGen power and propulsion uses proven technology developed for the rugged transit duty cycle and brings it to the water. With nearly 10,000 transit buses operating across the globe using BAE Systems’ hybrid technology, we're proud to bring this proven technology to vessels to reap the benefits of fuel savings and quiet, clean travel.

HybriGen® Zero

Turn off your diesel genset and save with HybriGen® Zero. This eco-friendly solution provides tow boat and fishing fleet operators with up to 200kWs of electric power on demand to eliminate maintenance of a standard diesel generator while decreasing space claim and saving fuel and emissions.

HybriGen Zero provides power for all hotel loads while the main engine is running. Efficiency is realized by taking minimal power off the main engine when the engine is running at its most efficient point. Turning off or eliminating the vessel's diesel generators help save maintenance and fuel due to decreased use.

Hybrid Assist

Hybrid Assist propulsion system offers unique solutions for tugboats and windfarm support vessels to save maintenance and engine life while increasing power and performance. Hybrid assist propulsion system delivers electric power on demand for vessels at low speeds and provides a boost of power to the engine when needed.

Using our compact, power-packed generator and motor three efficient operation modes are available to vessel operators.

Electric and hybrid solutions

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