Delivering accurate effects on target

Precision-guided munitions

The APKWS® Rotary Wing uses our mid-body guidance system to turn standard 70mm rockets into laser-guided precision rockets – just one system from our PGM technology portfolio.
When munitions provide first-shot accuracy with low collateral damage, mission success and survivability both increase greatly. No one is more committed to smart firepower with extended range than BAE Systems.

Our precision-guided munitions use advanced technologies to consistently and effectively hit a variety of targets in complex environments from long distances, resulting in successful land, air, and sea missions. We focus on delivering scalable, affordable precision fires systems that increase lethality and tactical proficiency in the battle space.

Key products

  • APKWS® Laser-Guided Rocket: A mid-body guidance section that transforms a standard, unguided 2.75-inch (70 mm) rocket into a precision laser-guided rocket
  • BONUS: Artillery-launched ammunition containing two sensor-fused sub-munitions for defeating armored vehicles including self-propelled artillery
  • Hypervelocity Projectile (HVP): Capable of executing multiple missions, provides lethality and performance enhancements to current and future land and naval gun systems.
  • Integrated GPS Anti-jam System (IGAS): IGAS is a small, low-cost, and highly reliable system that has been specifically designed to meet the mission needs of missile and munitions applications.
  • Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) seeker: Guidance technology capable of autonomously detecting and identifying targets for this next-generation missile
  • Long Range Precision Guidance Kit (LR-PGK): PGK with GPS anti-jam technology corrects inherent ballistic errors of high-explosive and rocket-assist artillery projectiles to deliver long range precision fires.
  • NavFire™ GPS receiver: NavFire is a 24-channel, dual-frequency, all-in-view receiver.
  • NavStorm™+ GPS Receiver: A small, low-power, G-hardened, SAASM-based GPS receiver with integrated five-channel anti-jam.
  • NavStrike™ GPS receiver: NavStrike's low cost, small size, high accuracy and high reliability are key to mission success in missile and munition applications.
  • Silver Bullet - Precision Guidance Kit: GPS-based guidance kit that transforms a standard artillery shell into a precision-guided munition
  • Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) seeker: Guidance technology for the U.S. Army anti-ballistic missile defense system, which is designed to shoot down short-, medium-, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase by intercepting them with a hit-to-kill approach 

Future PGM solutions

BAE Systems recognizes that the evolving battle space requires smart, precision-guided munitions to stay ahead of threats, and our development programs reflect the Department of Defense's special interest in long range precision fires (LRPF). We are positioned at the forefront of innovation and low-cost solutions – and are continuing to invest heavily in future technologies.

Our expertise

Our BAE Systems THAAD seeker system is designed to shoot down ballistic missile threats during their descent or re-entry phase.

As one of the largest global defense contractors in the world, BAE Systems has nearly 40 years of precision munitions expertise in delivering modular, combat-proven solutions. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to integrate munitions into a range of weapons platforms, with particular expertise in munitions handling, interior ballistics, and fire control.

Some PGMs that we develop include:

  • Artillery and ammunition systems as the original equipment manufacturer for the:
    • M777 Howitzer
    • M109A6/A7 Howitzer
    • M1299 Extended Range Cannon Artillery
    • Mk 45
  • Targeting capabilities: 
    • Sensors, sights, antennas, arrays, lasers, and microelectronics
  • Anti-jamming capabilities, machine learning, and cognitive processing to serve the electronic warfare mission

The cost of missing your target

Head-on view of the APKWS rocket. Its smart guidance kit increases its effectiveness as a long range precision fires (LRPF) weapon in multiple environments.

BAE Systems understands the importance of hitting a target on the first shot, with reduced collateral damage – and the consequences of missing. Often, you only get one shot. We make sure it counts by maximizing product effectiveness for the demands of the battle space, including:

  • Effectiveness in RF- and GPS-denied environments 
  • Modularity for multiple missions 
  • Network connectivity 
  • High rate of fire

Discriminating technology and innovation

Our team of experts develops solutions that pair our market-leading guidance, navigation, and control telemetry technology with existing munitions. These innovative solutions empower our customers to achieve accuracy across a variety of missions with:

  • Scalable for future upgrades
  • Highly-optimized manufacturing
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Adaptive processing and signals intelligence
  • Visual guidance (scene/target matching)

Our industry-leading solutions feature:

  • Low size, weight, and power, and programmable microelectronics
  • Sensors, antennas, and arrays 
    • Semi-autonomous electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) navigation
    • Radar antenna
    • Multi-function radio frequency (RF) arrays
  • GPS-enabled
  • Command guidance fire control

Benefits of our precision-guided munitions

Conflicts today require smarter firepower with greater range – a trend that will continue in the future. BAE Systems provides exceptional precision-guided munitions capabilities that give soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines a tactical advantage in every scenario. Our PGMs offer:

  • Cost effective
    • Accurate first-hit defeat to increase lethality while reducing mission cost, logistics costs, and collateral damage
    • Compatibility with existing munition and weapon systems
    • Affordability and light, compact design, allowing greater quantities of weapons to be taken into combat
  • Versatile/multi-service
  • Increased range
  • Minimal training time

Learn more about the Precision-Guided munitions today. Contact our Electronic Systems representative to arrange a meeting.