Silver Bullet - Precision Guidance Kit

Silver Bullet –  Precision Guidance Kit
Rokar’s Silver Bullet transforms standard artillery into precision guided weapons.

Silver Bullet is compatible with existing inventories of conventional artillery shells and leverages proven navigation and guidance software to quickly transform unguided projectiles into affordable precision weapons.

Relevant Experience

With more than ten years of experience developing navigation and precision guidance systems for projectiles, subject matter experts at BAE Systems understand the mission needs of customers and continue to improve technology for affordable guided projectiles. As battlefield dynamics change, customers need artillery to hit designated targets in urban environments with friendly forces nearby. Silver Bullet delivers this capability.

Proven Performance

BAE Systems has conducted hundreds of firing tests for Silver Bullet and even during challenging weather conditions; the system continues to prove to be highly accurate with a circular error probability (CEP) of less than 20 meters. Silver Bullet is a non-ITAR solution supported by the government of Israel and BAE Systems is working in close collaboration with the Israeli Defense Forces. The development work is being performed in the office in Jerusalem and demonstrations continue as global interest in Silver Bullet grows.