Cabin Systems - IntelliCabin® 

Cabin Systems - IntelliCabin - interior lighting
IntelliCabin is an integrated approach to cabin management that provides a modular, scalable architecture for controlling capabilities such as in-seat power, LED lighting, in-flight entertainment (IFE), and dimmable windows.

IntelliCabin provides simplified control of everything electronic in the cabin and can be configured through our user-friendly attendant control panel (ACP):

  • Boarding music
  • Cabin climate
  • Cabin power
  • Dimmable windows
  • Dynamic LED lighting
  • In-flight entertainment systems
  • Seat and galley applications
  • Passenger address and cabin interphone
  • Maintenance diagnostics
  • One-touch control of all seats for fast and efficient cleaning of the cabin
  • Optimization of power usage and distribution
  • Potable water consumption and waste water assessment

IntelliCabin products:

  • Cabin control panels
  • Dynamic LED lighting and control
  • Turnkey service and support

Supported aircraft:

  • More than 1,200 Boeing 737NG with Boeing Sky Interiors are enabled by our attendant control panel
  • More than 1,100 Boeing 777 aircraft fly with our cabin systems on board