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Banking Insights

Expert briefing series
Keep informed on the hot topics in banking compliance, anti-fraud and cyber security with our Banking Insights series - a fresh, intelligence-led, approach.

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The world of banking is transforming at enormous speed. Criminals are easily keeping pace. The most successful and profitable banks of tomorrow will be those that work hardest on financial crime prevention and defence today.
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100 days to Defeat Silos

As part of our Problem Shared, Problem Solved report, we challenged our Data Strategists to come up with a plan for banks that wanted to break down the information sharing barriers between their Cyber, Fraud and Compliance teams and take the Intelligence-led approach to tackling financial crime.
They came back with a 100 day action plan to boost the power of all three teams. We recently spoke with the author of the plan and another data strategist to understand more of the thinking behind the plan, and explore the problem of silos within organisations.

100 Days to Defeat Silos



Banking Insights from the Financial Times Live

At a recent Financial Times Live event, a panel of experts from the financial sector, regulators, think tanks and law firms gathered to discuss some of the key financial crime challenges for banks, insurers and other organisations in the financial sector. Watch the key discussions and explore further insights below.

10 minute briefing: Cyber and the financial sector

BAE Systems’ Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response teams have helped protect and defend financial institutions from cyber attack for years. Watch this presentation by Saher Naumaan from the recent Financial Times Live Event running down recent cyber attacks on banks and looking to future threat vectors - Watch it now.

Panel discussion one:

The current threat landscape for financial services

Hear from the FT’s panel of experts on the current shape of cyber threats; the tactics, techniques and procedures they use, challenges for banks, insurers and other financial services and current attack and fraud scenarios. Featuring speakers from RUSI, Standard Chartered Bank, the FT and our own Threat Intelligence team - Watch it now.

Panel discussion two:

How to build resilience in financial services

Hear from the FT’s panel of experts on how banks and insurers, regulators, law enforcement and government need to work together to build a resilient sector. Featuring speakers from HSBC, the Financial Conduct Authority, Red Lion Chambers, the Insurance Fraud Bureau, the Financial Times and BAE Systems - Watch it now.


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