The Total Economic Impact™
of BAE Systems Managed Security Services for SMBs

Forrester Consulting interviewed two leading commercial banks to reveal the Total Economic Impact™ of BAE Systems’ Managed Security Services (MSS).
BAE Systems provides its customers with an extensive range of powerful security services, enabling organisations to gain valuable reassurance that their networks are being monitored 24x7x365 by a team of security experts with the capacity to respond quickly and effectively to cyber threats.

MSS Total Economic Impact™ - Business Benefits:

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BAE Systems, revealed that the value delivered to the composite organisation over three years, and adjusted for risk was:

The Value of Managed Security Services

Net Prevent Value of Solution
Return on Investment
A less than 6 month payback period
Download the Total Economic Impact Study now to reveal the full value and business benefits delivered by the BAE Systems solution for Managed Security Services.

MSS Total Economic Impact™ - Customer Interviews:

One of the BAE Systems’ customers interviewed which benefited significantly from its MSS solutions, was a regional commercial bank with an annual revenue of $500 million. It deployed Security Event Log Management, Security Event Monitoring, Managed Firewall, and Vulnerability Management to increase security with a cost-effective solution.
In order to replicate the work that BAE Systems was performing with managed firewall, security event monitoring and vulnerability management, it was estimated by the bank that 3-5 full time employees (FTEs) would have been required, if attempted internally. However, it was clear that the level of quality and expertise that BAE Systems provides could not be matched. Aside from the numbers, the BAE Systems' customer said:
We dealt with some of the competitors; they just did not have the same type of expertise as BAE Systems... BAE Systems is a quality trustworthy partner; not just a vendor, but a partner.

BAE Systems Managed Security Services Customer Interview

For the bank in question, audits and compliance reporting had become a big undertaking. Since the adoption of BAE Systems, reporting is available to the security team 24/7. This reporting portal has increased productivity by 10% for its existing security team.
The TEI study found that the benefits delivered by BAE Systems Managed Security Services far outweighed the costs, resulting in a ROI of 434%, NPV of $742,979 – and payback period of less than 6 months. 

MSS Total Economic Impact™ - Calculate Your ROI:

BAE Systems Managed Security Services ImpactThe Total Economic Impact™ study identified that, for the customers interviewed, BAE Systems Managed Security Services delivered a positive ROI of 434% (to the composite business). Based off their research, Forrester Consulting has created an ROI calculator so that you can estimate the value that BAE Systems MSS could deliver to your business. Simply enter your details into the calculator and you will instantly receive your tailored three year ROI forecast.

Discover the ROI that BAE Systems Managed Security Services could deliver to your business now.