Business Defence Assessment

Understand your risks, threats and vulnerabilities
We’ll give you the blueprint for boosting your business cyber defence.
Understand your cyber threat exposure, identify gaps in your existing cyber security systems and experience the power of the BAE Systems Managed Security Services (MSS) with our Business Defence Assessment.

We will help you:


Tick Icon ImageUnderstand your cyber threat exposure

We take actual, probable and possible cyber attacks and blend together sources from digital risk and threat intelligence with real industry-relevant security incidents. This is then applied to your environment to identify potential attack scenarios.

Tick Icon ImageTest for gaps in your existing security

We generate a set of real life attack scenarios that an adversary might follow. Attack scenarios are validated against the kill chain, our behavioural analytics and evidence gained from investigations.

Tick Icon ImageExperience the value of security analytics

We gather data over a four week period. This is then analysed in our Threat Analytics platform and threat hunters search for patterns of behaviour indicative of attacks.



You will receive

Phases one to three are brought together in a detailed report outlining the findings, including remediation of issues and recommendations to improve your cyber security and risk profile. The report is presented in a debrief session located in the BAE Systems Security Operations Centre (SOC) where you can engage with the analysts, see how the tools were used and discuss our service offerings and next steps in more detail.
BAE Systems has a 40 year heritage working in data security, defending nations, Governments and enterprises. Our dedicated cyber defence experts and technology can take your IT security to the next level: business defence. 
The cyber threats being levelled against businesses today have evolved. Thankfully, so have the defences. Speak to one of our cyber specialists today to find out more.