Training and awareness

We depend on our employees to comply with our global Code of Conduct, implement our policies on business conduct and live up to our Values of Trusted, Innovative and Bold.
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The Code of Conduct and related training programmes aim to provide support in understanding the standards of business conduct that everyone is expected to follow, giving practical guidance to help deal with ethical issues and identify where to ask for help. Regular and engaging training is a vital part of being a responsible business and ensuring everyone understands their responsibility when it comes to ethical behaviour

Our Code of Conduct is supported by regular refresher training mandated for all employees. Training is scenario based and carried out in a team environment. Line managers pose ethical scenarios to team members to discuss. Training scenarios cover ethical issues that have arisen across the company, allowing employees to identify the ethical issues at play and explore the options for resolving them. Training is designed to give employees practical guidance on how to deal with situations that may arise in their day to day activities. Examples of our training scenario cards from our 2016 – 2019 employee training can be found in the right hand links on this page.

Code of Conduct training is also supported by our Essential Training Framework across the Company. Essential Training supports compliance and adherence to policy. Depending on an employee’s role within the company, they are required to undertake regular training that the company deems as essential. For example, specific training modules have been introduced for senior executives and business leaders covering our policies on Gifts and Hospitality, Facilitation Payments, Community Investment and Conflicts of Interest. See below.

Training is regularly reviewed and revised to incorporate current and emerging issues and risks, such as social media and security of information. Training completion to individual employee level is monitored and reported against to senior management to ensure requirements are met.

Essential Training Framework

Course How often * Audience Method
Data Protection and You ​(UK) ​36 mnths. ​All with email account ​Online
Data Protection - Additional Information (UK) ​ 36 mnths. All with leadership / managerial responsibilities​ ​Online
Data Protection – Specialist Training (UK) 36 mnths. All in HR, Internal Audit, Legal, Occupational Health, SHE and Ethics Officers or a Business Data Protection Lead may nominate Face to face
​Export Control Awareness ​36 mnths. ​All ​Online
Export Control Enhanced​ ​12 mnths. Business nominated​ Online​
Export Control Advanced 12 mnths. Business nominated Attend facilitated event​
Global Company Marking Training 24 mnths. All with email account Online​
Group Advisers Policy & Procedures Training 24 mnths. ​Any role involved with advisers Face to face or via Webex
Integrity in Business Dealings 24 mnths. All executive grades Online
Security Awareness – Overview Training 24 mnths. All new starters from January 2016 Online & face to face
* after initial completion