Space Systems

BAE Systems has more than 1,000 radiation-hardened computers on over 300 satellites, and our space computers have logged more than 10,000 years of flight time without a failure.
From Apollo 11 to four generations of Mars Rovers/Landers, BAE Systems has empowered space exploration. Our products and services are the heart of satellites across the solar system and help hundreds of millions of people each day with GPS, satellite radio, weather data, and other advantages.

BAE Systems' high-reliability, radiation-hardened space electronics, space-resilient mission payloads, and secure ground solutions ensure operational excellence and mission assurance for a variety of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), national security, civil, and commercial/private space missions. And we are the "go to" choice for limiting low-orbit risk when plans call for landing on a distant planet or moon.

Today, BAE Systems has over 1,000 computers on more than 300 satellites, and our space computers have logged more than 10,000 years of flight time without a failure. We are committed to delivering space resiliency and innovation in a range of new solutions for the evolving challenges faced in today's – and tomorrow's – active, contested space environment. BAE Systems combines a history of orbital expertise with our next generation ground resiliency and data analytics solutions to keep assets safe and performing effectively in space.

Proven heritage

Key BAE Systems space systems

Radiation-hardened electronics at the component, card, and unit levels specifically designed for high-reliability, long-term mission lifetime performance in the space radiation environment. Our large portfolio of trusted, rad hard, space resiliency electronics are proven to continue working without failure both in high radiation and in the extreme temperature ranges of space, including:

  •  Radiation-hardened standard components for the space and missile defense communities, from SRAM, C-RAM, and PROM technologies to current and legacy FPGAs, and SpaceWire
  • Radiation-hardened single board computers (SBCs) that have so far seen more than 10,000 years of flight without failure. Learn about our RAD750®, and RAD5545® SBCs.
  •  Space-hardened payload subsystems and units such as our radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) sensors, digital receivers, reconfigurable processing modules, solid-state recorders, and more

Radiation-hardened application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) technologies, libraries, and services that provide a complete solution for developing small footprint, system-on-chip products to enable processing for spacecraft, space vehicles, satellites, space missions, and more. Our ASICs services include:

  • Application Specific Design Services
  • Rad hard, low power, high-reliability circuit libraries
  • Space resiliency packaging, from flip-chip and wirebond to ceramic quad flat pack, ceramic column grid array, and plastic ball grid array

Services for radiation-hardened products including circuit card design and assembly, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) engineering design, custom circuit design and layout, radiation assurance services, analytical services and testing, space materials management, and more.

BAE Systems is a DoD Category 1A Trusted Supplier, and has received numerous accreditations for our radiation-hardened devices, including classified handling.

Available now, including for export

Our radiation-hardened electronics, ASICs chips, and services for rad hard products are available to U.S. space agencies, military branches, and intelligence agencies, as well as select private spaceflight companies and to allied nations for space exploration and space-based commercial services.

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