product stewardship

product stewardship

Employee with Australian Military Customer
Our responsibility for our products does not stop when they leave our factory, ship yard or hangar.

We work to reduce our products’ environmental impacts at every stage of their life cycle – from concept, design and manufacture through to use and disposal. It is also vital that our products are safe to use (see product safety).

The through-life approach we adopt means we are increasingly providing support for customers to maintain products while they are in use and dispose of them at end-of-life. The principles of good product stewardship are covered in our global Code of Conductand are integrated into our Lifecycle Management Framework, the process we use to manage our projects. This helps us to identify and manage safety and environmental risks at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

Making sure we operate responsibly at every stage of the product lifecycle is another important aspect of product stewardship. Principles on responsible business conduct are included in the Lifecycle Management process to ensure appropriate due diligence is undertaken at key stages of the project (see code of conduct and key policies).

We are continually innovating to minimise environmental impacts and improve product safety. Some of our products are specifically designed to protect or improve the well-being of users and others have innovative applications that reduce environmental impacts by, for example, promoting use of renewable or low-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels.